Peer Ministry

  • Peer Ministry Interest Form

     Peer Ministers serve as advisors and peer leaders about all things in Youth Ministry, High School Faith Formation, and Confirmation preparation. A Peer Minister's first goal is to serve one's peers!

    Peer Ministry in the Concord Carlisle Catholic Collaborative has, for over a decade, been a great opportunity for teens in our community to lead, serve, and grow in faith. Whether called Peer Leadership, Confirmation Retreat Team, or something else - the goal has always been the same: equip teens to serve their peers.

    Peer Ministry is the name of the overall group of teen leaders within Youth Ministry. Since no Peer Minister could do everything in our church (our teens are already busy!), we will encourage Peer Ministers to "specialize" in one or more areas (the PM's call these "God Squads"):

    -teen faith formation

    -Confirmation retreat team

    -mission opportunities leaders (service, works of mercy)

    -youth ministry events squad

    Teens who are looking be Peer Ministers should complete the interest form (button above) and our Coordinator of Youth Ministry, Tony Carbrello, looks forward to working with you to bring you and your peers closer to Jesus Christ and the Church. Potential Peer Ministers will be asked to have a conversation - either by Zoom with a parent at the teen's end, or in-person - about the teen's interest and availability.

    Any high school teen in grades 9-12 is welcome to apply for Peer Ministry.

    Peer Ministry will likely meet monthly for leadership development, planning, and community-building. Sub-groups (God Squads) of Peer Ministers may need to meet more often, especially prior to certain events (such as the Confirmation retreat). These meetings will likely happen on the first Sunday of the month, later in the day.

    Remember: God doesn't call the qualified; He qualifies the called!

    Let us continue to pray for our Peer Ministers and their ministry!

  • Expectations of Peer Ministers:

    Peer Ministers are high school student leaders who serve their peers. Many Peer Ministers speak about their own faith being nourished and strengthened through their role as a Peer Minister.  Being a Peer Minister is a privilege and an honor, and comes with the following expectations:

    •  Since Peer Ministers could be seen as teaching assistants, they are expected to adhere to the teachings of the Catholic Church and not promote dissenting views.  Peer Ministers are not expected to be theologians, and can direct any questions they are unable, uncomfortable, or unwilling to address to any adult leader.
    • All Peer Ministers are expected to be role models in our community.  Peer Ministers recognize that he/she represents Holy Family and St. Irene Parishes and its high school ministry community, and that all actions (both positive and negative) reflect his/her role as a leader, in all circumstances.
    • Peer Ministers are expected to be committed to the program and attend as many Peer Ministry meetings as possible.  Any anticipated absences should be communicated to an adult leader, and should be exceptions, not regular occurrences.
    • Peer Ministers who are present for faith formation sessions and any event should positively engage their peers, dress modestly, speak respectfully, and to be a positive witness of living as a Catholic Christian today.
    • It is expected that any concerns or problems with any or all aspects of Peer Ministry will be explained to an adult leader as soon as possible.  These include situations with teens in the Concord-Carlisle Catholic community during Church-sponsored events (sessions, mission work, retreat, etc).  Concerns with members of the Peer Ministry community should be brought to an adult leader.
    • Peer Ministers will check their e-mail and text accounts at least twice a week and will communicate with adult leaders as needed.
    • Peer Ministers are expected to participate in the Confirmation Rehearsal(s) and/or the Confirmation Mass(es), through their presence and other roles as needed.
    • Peer Ministers can expect to have support and encouragement while serving as a Peer Minister.  They can expect to grow in their faith and have an experience of being in a friendly, supportive community.  They can expect that all adult leaders will be role models of spiritual maturity.

    Peer Ministers are a vital part of our collaborative’s High School Ministry community.  Thank you for considering being a Peer Minister.  We will communicate with you soon about your online information form (application) and your being a part of the Peer Ministry community.